Kaitlyn Higa

Software Engineer, Perpetual End-user, Avid Story-seeker

Kaitlyn (they|them)empowers others by working as a translator: gathering and curating vision, story, and expertise in order to create and tailor the best solutions and then craft them into the language of the computer - software. Kaitlyn is passionate about exploring and experimenting with processes and mediums to share knowledge in an elegant and accessible manner.

Talk to them about leadership, LA traffic, and how we bring tech literacy into the mainstream.


Computer Science, B.S. 2010 - 2014
Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, CA


JavaScript React.js Ruby Ruby on Rails Legacy Codebases Product Driven Development Facilitation Story Building


Software Engineer

NationBuilder Los Angeles, CA
March 2016 - Present
Ruby on Rails, Leadership, Facilitation
  • Worked on a legacy Ruby on Rails codebase, and implemented a more complex and scalable Front-End system using Webpack and utilizing React.
  • Built models for our products, like GDPR compliance and data dashboards, using Domain Driven Design, collaborating with our Product team to ensure our system met the needs of our customers.
  • Lead efforts to refactor and improve our Front-End and grew general Front-End literacy through tech talks and documentation.
  • Estabilished an internal process for creating, workshopping, and presenting technical talks.
  • Facilitated monthly story circles: a space for employees from all teams to gather and talk about what is going on in their worlds.

Web Developer

USAePay Glendale, CA
July 2014 - February 2016
LAMP stack, Improving processes
  • Worked with Backbone.js, PHP, and MySQL to develop an interactive, RESTful web app.
  • Migrated our code base from the SVN versioning system to Git.
  • Designed and implemented database architecture in MySQL and Redis.
  • Managed 2 web development interns from CSUN.